Nagari Friends Enjoy Bhajan Snadhya in Columbus Ohio

Lord Vitthal predominantly worshipped not only in the Indian states of Maharashtra but also in United States of America too! Aashadhi and Kartiki Ekadashi is enjoyed by Lord Vithalla’s followers with whole heartedly and enthusiastically.

On Kartiki Ekadashi day, devotees have celebrated an evening bhajan along with other nagari friends at Umesh and Sujata Pawer’s residence at Marysville. Mrs. Sneha and Ashok Mali, their daughter Neha Mali from Dublin, Dr. Sangeeta and Nilesh Ingulkar from Kentucky, Mrs. Radhika and Rahul Patil from Marysville, Ohio. Fascinatingly Dr. Sangeeta Todmal travelled 500 km from Kentucky with family and attended this event at Marysville, Ohio. Her husband Nilesh a software engineer is well Mridang player and added spiritual vibrations and energy while reciting Haripath, Tukaram Hymns and other Abhangas.

।। राम कृष्ण हरी ।।