Proud Nagari Businessman in Australia– Kashinath Thitame

Optimism is a faith that leads to achievements. With hard work and confidence in your belief, you can make an impact on what is destined to be yours. Amongst us we have a precious jewel in presence of Mr. Kashinath Dada Thitame, a successful Australian businessman who belongs to Sawargaon Tal, Ahmednagar. His dream and vision is to make his village-Sawargaon Tal one of the best villages of the time and make them self-sufficient.

Dada was brought up in a large and destitute family. He faced hard times to complete his diploma in Electrical from the K.J. Somaiya College, Ulhasnagar. Overcoming all the hardships with his intelligence and perseverance, he started his career with Goenka group in Thane. A dynamic young lady, Prof. Smita became his life companion. They both were blessed with two boys Bhushan and Chetan.

Dada remembers his days when he was working with Sterlite Industry. He wanted to bring about change in his family. He started with his siblings that had farming as their profession. He extended his contact and knowledge base to help them get farming equipment’s with an intention to bring easiness and profitability. During the time, Sterlite Industry would send people to get special economical training in USA to improve their skillset and advance their career. Kashinath Dada wished for the same opportunity and thus he began putting smart efforts to achieve it. With his dedication and commitment for excellence, his wish became a reality.

Dada didn’t stop there. He left his successful job in Sterlite Industry and moved to Tasmania, Australia in 1988 to pursue his next career opportunity. After finishing his contract at Tasmania in 2002, as one of the best employee, he moved back to India. Another rewarding opportunity to work in Australia knocked his doorstep and he took it with both his hands. Dada and his family witnessed hard times due to sudden unforeseen events in their life. Chetan was diagnosed as Special child but both Prof. Smita and Dadas’ courageous efforts made sure hard time weren’t for long with Thitme family. Soon Thitme family received their citizenship of Australia. Dada used his business mind, positive attitude and years worth experience in new business ventures. He started various businesses like Fresh Vegetables and Fruits market store, Fast Food Chains, Maharaja Kari House, Take Aways, Gold Coast and 3 other restaurants in Launceston.

Presently Kashinath Dada and his son- Bhushan are running a profitable business. Life was once strife now sails smoothly. Regular workout, good eating habits are now his daily goal to lead a healthy and energetic life.
Dada wishes to not only make Sawargaon Tal a village model to be looked up to but to bring smiles on faces of the people by bringing prosperity in each house. It’s rightly said by Swami Vivekanand, “A man is not poor without money but he is poor without a dream and ambition”
We, Global Nagari team offers best wishes and eternal support to Kashinath Dada’s future endeavor!