Memorable USA visit – Ahmednagar district’s Honorable Collector Shri. Anil Kawade greet and meet to Global Nagari group at New Jersey

Ahmednagar’s honorable collector Shri Anil Kawade had been on government organized advance training at Duke University in South Carolina. He was one of four IAS officers selected by Indian Government for special 3 week educational training in USA. After completion of his training, Global Nagari group members in New Jersey invited him.

On this occasion around 25 people gathered together. There were residents from New York and New Jersey like Megha and Suresh Thube, Amla and Abhay Aaher, Mr.P.R.Shinde from Srirampur, Ex. speaker of Council committee- Mr. Chavare, Rajendra Gade, Ruchi and Abhijeet Borude, Sanjay Mete, Mr.Jadhav, Sayali and Rahul Kadu,Boby Bhosale and Anjali Gore. At the same time, there was a conference call held for people all over the world to connect woith Mr. Kawade and about 35 people joined in including French industrialist – Amit Keval, software engineer & successful farmer from Florida Haribhau Bhogade, Snehal Shinde from Los Angeles, Journalist Dr. Sangita Todmal from Kentucky to name a few. Many current issues were discussed and many felt there is a tremendous potential for infrastructure development in their villages. He very well communicated and discussed Ahmednagar district’s current scenario regarding water conservation, roads, electricity etc. to Nagari - NRI’s and he expressed his thoughts to resolve any kind of social problem in villages.

Mr. Kawade visited local post offices, banks, temples, farms and national parks to understand their work and structure. Moreover, he met several local people to understand and appreciated their work, discipline and qualities. Kishor Gore expressed interest to Collector-Mr. Kawade to be able to implement all these development in India.

During his stay he visited various cities and enjoyed spending time with Nagaris. He visited world famous Niagara fall and enjoyed time with another global nagari family situated in the area, Nilesh Vikhe and Swapnil Kapse.

Mr. Kawade was welcomed by Nagari-Chicagoans - Abhinay Labade, Nitin Bothe, Abhijeet and Sayali Ghawate, Yogesh Gore and Abhijeet Hoshing for a dinner outing.

Later he visited California and spent time with Aniket Patil and Jagdish Deshmukh. Mr. Kawade was overwhelmed by meeting nagari people in USA and felt proud of it. Despite being in foreign countries, everyone had great respect and drive to bring about change in their native land.