Sharing Knowledge Initiative

We have been fortunate enough to have lot of great individuals with various levels of expertise on large number of subject areas. For the benefit of the others , group members have conducted special sessions/seminars for the group on topics such as
1. Pursuing Higher Education in USA (MS / PhD) - Snehal Gaikwad
2. Financial Planning and alternatives - Rajendra Gade
3. Importance of 'Living Will' and Life Insurance - Amala Shinde Aher
4. Global / Regional Meet and Greets (Ongoing)

Upcoming seminars on following topics:
1. Use of Important Mobile Applications in day-today-life
2. Preparing for Higher Education and College Education
3. Real Estate: Importance of Home Buying Process
4. Startup Business, Export/Import and Other Business
5. Importance of Good Parenting in Life
6. Get to Know Each Other
7. Home Improvement Projects

Village Empowerment Initiative

Global Nagari group has taken up Village Improvement initiative. An ambitious village improvement pilot project is being implemented in Sawargaon Tal, Taluka Sangamner and work is in progress for 12 other villages in Ahmednagar District, Maharashtra.
Motivational Chawadi: The Motivational Chavadi concept of village empowerment is based on the idea to encourage our society to gather at a common place in the village. In today’s world use of technology as a platform is necessary for inspiring basic thought process leading to social upliftment with the help of intellectuals. People look up to inspiration from within themselves. Those who have risen from the very same village or Taluka tend to have more influence on them. With the advancements in technology, a lot of Nagari's have moved out of their villages for various career related initiatives. These Nagari's bring with them a unique values and insights that can go a long way in guidance. To focus Social Upliftment vision that we intend to achieve, we must keep our own Indian Core values at the center. The need of the hour is better career or life opportunities which in turn lead us to a better social Ecological system. This attempt for Social upliftment needs to be a mutual attempt made by both the local civic engagement and the success stories from overseas. Objectives of this initiative: 1. Inspire: To inspire our native people by the guidance of NRI’s & local scholar professionals. 2. Provide a Technological Platform: To provide a platform where inspirational and Educational videos are telecast or played to the local engagement.

NoVillage NameGlobalNagari Volunteers NamesLocal Volunteers Names
1Sawargaontal- Sangamner

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Kashinath Thitame & Raj GadeGorakh Nehe -Police Patil

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Kishore Gore, Rohit Kale & Yogesh Gore, Balasaheb BudhekarA.D Patare & K.L. Patare
3Landewadi, NewasaAbhijeet Hoshing, Vasant Lande, Abhijit & Dr. Sayali Ghawate, Dnyaneshwar Wagh, Blesson Cherian, Dr. Sangita Todmal, Swapnil Gore & Dr. Sumedha Hoshing.Mrs.Ushatai Balasaheb Darandale-Sarpanch, Ashok Lande, Ajinkya & Amit Hoshing, Mahavir Chopada, Dr. Sampat Khoshe, Malhari Wagh , Swapnil Meher & Rajaram Patil Sir-(Z.P. School teacher)

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Amala Shinde, Mahesh GawareRajendra Take & Mitesh Take
5Dashaminghavan- NagarBabasaheb KaleJaysing Kale & Vijay Kale
6Nimbhodi - NagarSagar Berad, Hari Bhogade, Umesh Pawar, Nilesh Mate, Avinash MehetreWork in Progress
7Belwandi Bk- ShrigondaBapu & Vishal HiraveWork in Progress
8Belpandhari - NewasaAmit KewalWork in Progress
9Manjarsumba - NagarSnehal GaikwadWork in Progress
10Naur - ShrirampurAmala Shinde, Dr. Manik Shinde ,Kishor ShindeP R Shinde ,Vishal Shinde,Sanjay Shinde, Rushikesh Shinde, Sonya Bapu Shinde.
11Mohoj - PathardiJayant ThubeWork in Progress
12Jawala - ParnerRahul PatareWork in Progress
13Gunjale - Vambori/RahuriPrasad PhalkeWork in Progress