If you’re going to start a journey, you need to start from a place of absolute truth. We all wear roles like costumes: wife, mother, business owner, sister, friend, CEO, artist, etc.In the journey we were going to begin we wanted to find a way to take off these costumes.The Global Nagari is an initiative which has no formal roles. This is for all the Nagaris around the world who have that common thread to their roots . We as Humans discuss superficial subjects, such as the weather, but we rarely go deeper. You have to let go of what others will think and what you should feel -- and try to find your truest voice, first and foremost. The GlobalNagari groups intend to promote free atmosphere for creative ideas. The Communication groups mentioned here are not any typical groups where people forward jokes,picture or wish birthdays etc. but platforms where there is a creative exchange of ideas.

Our Conversations began on the social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp. Currently we are about 200 Nagari families around the world on our group organised as Global Nagari group. To make the conversations and in turn the exchange of ideas and the meet and greets subgroups were created. Currently we have the following groups.
1. Global Nagari (Main Group) 2. US North East Coast Nagari Group 3. Midwest US Nagari Group 4. West Coast Nagari Group 5. Southern US Nagari Group 6. Australasia Nagari Group 7. Europe, Middle East, Africa Nagari Group Global Nagari is the main or parent group.There are six Regional sub groups to facilitate region specific detailed conversations and posts. There are three more sub group each catering to specific topics 1. Nagaris Phd R&Ds: Dedicated to Discussions and Information sharing for Nagaris having or pursuing PhD and 'Research and Development' 2. Nagari's Womens Group: For Free and frank discussions solely for the Nagari women across the globe. 3. Web-App Dev-GlobalNagari: Web development team We intend to continue to keep exploring in the areas above and continuously seek the group members inputs on any topic we think we have the expertise. We intend to keep connecting with all of you. If you are a Nagari and would like to join the group please send a note to us via the Contact us page and we will include you in the journey.