Proud Nagari Member – Rajendra Gade

Rajendra Gade is one of the very energetic and helpful individual on the GlobalNagari group. He is known for his technical prowess and some of his ingenious Do-it-Yourself home solutions like Home security system and an equally impressive Home theater system. On this next Edition of GlobalNagari Post we will explore Raj's Journey from Sawargaon Tal to USA. 


Early Childhood:

Raj hails from a poor farming Family from Sawargaon Tal where they have a small piece of family land. Water Scarcity for agriculture farming had been a perennial problem and so family had to face financial problems almost  at all times. Raj’s Parents worked hard to feeding the kids but still had their education on higher priority. Along with his siblings, Raj began helping his parents working part time from a young age. Raj continued on with his education in Sawargaon Tal till the 7th standard and then moved to Chandanapuri till the 10th.


Hard times taught him the value of money and to continue his education Raj had to go to Sangamner College about 12 kms by road from his hometown. Raj took a Summer job in Sangamner as he knew he had to save money to buy himself books and clothes.Though the job would not pay much, he used to ply to Sanagamner daily on bicycle as it was the need of the hour and he wanted to earn whatever money he could during the vacations to help his siblings.

“When life gets tough, the tough get going.” This timeless proverb is very may be true for some but, for others, hardship can be too much to overcome. When the going gets tough, their life simply falls apart. What is it exactly that separates those who thrive regardless of adversity and those who don’t? The adversity he faced during the early years instilled in him the lessons of hardwork and perseverance.

Colleges in India usually begin with the 12th standard syllabus in the summer so that the students have ample time to study for the exam. Raj had to take an extra summer job during that period as he had to earn his school tuition else he would not be able to attempt the exams. He also had to earn some money to buy the textbooks he needed for the 12th standard.

Despite the trials he had to go through the life marched on and turned positive. He scored good marks in the 12th Science exam. He applied for the Engineering and was admitted to Computer Engineering in Pune University. Though being a bright student throughout Raj and his family had trouble paying the college fees. They even had to sell his Mother’s jewelry to pay his fees. But he made good of the opportunity and passed with good score in the engineering degree.

Professional Career:

Right after engineering, he took up a job in Mumbai and began taking on the family financial burden. He took primary responsibility for his  brother and sister’s education. Raj got married to Geeta while working in Mumbai. The couple is blessed with 2 daughters Rashmee and Gargi. In the meantime Raj continued to work his way across multiple jobs until he joined TCS in 2005.This turned out to be a decisive decision for his career.

After impressing his peers and managers with his style and passion for the work at TCS Mumbai office, he was sent to USA in early 2007. He  worked with major corporate clients from Washington State to Florida.In 2013 the family moved to New Jersey and decided to make it their permanent home. Raj is currently working for EY (Ernst & Young) as a full time employee and travelling to multiple places for business purpose.

His Journey from a remote village, Raj understands the need for change in rural India. He had experienced the need for the villages to not only have basic infrastructure but also have a streamlined guidance system for the future students who would be going out into the world.Along with some like minded individuals from Sawargaon Tal , he started a change from his own native place Sawargaontal. He is active participant in the development initiative for the village.

Aspirations and Social Causes

On his trips back home Rajendra visits Schools in rural areas and tries to help them however possible by donating items such as computers for their laboratory. He loves to talk to students and usually likes to sit with students to guide them on the various career options they have. He has committed to taking up the expenses of a brave student’s education.He frequently visits old age homes and tries to  provide moral support, providing some financial help if required.

Rajendra wants Indian farmer to change their traditional farming techniques to advance farming to convert it into a business, provide better education for their kids. He always proactive in talking to anyone he meets in his village and loves to connect with them like he is one of them and understand their challenges.

In USA Rajendra also very much active in doing volunteer work for nearby schools and for community

Rajendra and his wife Geeta, Daughter Rashmee and Gargi grow organic vegetables, fruits at their backyard in New Jersey, USA in summer, with fresh produce they share this happiness with friends, neighbors, etc.