Savita Mehetre: Painting her way through..

Savita Mehetre had passion for drawing and painting since childhood. In 6th grade, her painting got selected to represent her school in International Drawing and Painting competition. She continued painting in school though she didn't get any formal training for it.

Two years ago, her life drastically changed forever, where time stood still and life came to a standstill. Her life which was so fresh and filled with colors suddenly seemed dark and difficult. A true fighter who was not ready to give up and leave her family behind and decided to put her thoughts on canvas through Painting. It was her paints and brushes that helped her lot to get out of it.
She likes putting from Nature to God, everything on Canvas and also would like to experiment a lot of things in Art and has done Warali painting to Texture painting.
Also she has done a lot of Paper Quilling Project/ frames and conducted paper Quilling session in Marysville Public Library, Ohio.

GlobalNagari family would like to congratulate her for stunning artwork!!