GlobalNagari Member Mahesh Gaware originally from Shirasgaon near Srirampur in Ahemednagar District began the Rural Library project for the Rural youth from his village. The main objective of the initiative is to instill in the kids and the youth the habit of Reading and also provide guidance to them on the various competitive examinations in India. This Free Library Project is setup in a Rural area of Maharashtra. Along with library the Shirasgaon Team has setup a reading room for students with electrical lights and fans, thus trying to create study atmosphere which will be cozy for students.

This is library is a small step towards providing educational and career oriented books, resources and facilities for students of age 5 years and above. The Team also intends to involve and educate parents towards their ward's education and career, so that they have certain awareness towards educational options kids have these days other than Medical and Engineering.In library, at this moment Team has comics and story books for kids to get them into started on the path to a reading habit and also keep it interesting for them. For high school and college students they have motivational and inspirational books, autobiographies, competitive exam books for civil services.

Team understands setting up library is just a beginning of the vision, but maintenance and enhancements would be a continuous process. Though the task at hand is challenging, Shirasgaon Team is determined to make it a success and replicate the same model in surrounding villages.