Sneha Mali’s “Arne” Boutique in Columbus OH

India is well known all over the world as a country of cultural and traditional festivals as it has many cultures and religions. One can enjoy the festival celebration in India almost every month. Indians living outside India say there is nothing like celebrating these festivals in India, Indians world wide celebrate these with fanfare regardless of where in the world they live! We really feel very happy and excited on festivals.

Usually Indians buys new clothing around these festivals and it is not always possible for all to visit big cities like Chicago, New Jersey just to buy these. The Indians around Columbus OH have to travel about 500 miles to get there. And that was how “Arne” Boutique was born.
“Arne”,derived by combination of Sneha’s Daughters' names Aryata and Neha, caters to these needs of the Indians.Online shopping for the items usually does not guarantee fitness and then you may have to replace/return the items. “Arne’s current best selling items are Paithani, Punjabi Suits,Chania Choli are imported from India.

On the occasion of 15 August India Day in USA Arne usually presents its latest fashions to the Indian diaspora. As the popularity of the Boutique increased it has started catering to some Indian men’s Fashion too and includes select items like Kurta Pajama.

Please visit the boutique next time you are in Columbus area.

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