Tulsi Plant Donation in USA – Dr. Sangita Todmal

Aashadhi Ekadashi is followed one of the exciting and religious day for all enthusiastic pilgrimage not only across Maharashtra but also globally too! Our Global Nagari’s upbeat member Dr. Sangeeta Todmal living in USA and celebrated a special day devotedly with her neighbors in her town- Frankfurt, Kentucky.

Mrs. Todmal’s entire family in India is a devotee of Lord Vitthala and she had experience divine walked to holy Pandharpur Vari as part of annual ritual. This year she could not visit to India on the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi, she and her husband- Nilesh Ingulkar has organized a godly event in their residence at Frankfurt. Nilesh is blessed with Mridangam player so he has added special vibrations and energy to this event-bhajan.

Dr. Sangeeta and Nilesh had planned evening bhajan with their neighbors. Interestingly their neighbors from all over the India and unaware about the significance of Aashadhi Ekadashi. She said it was opportunity to share knowledge about importance of celebration Lord Vitthala and Lakshmi on this auspicious day by singing Haripath/hymns along with Mridang, Tal and claps. Everyone was so vibrated with energetic prayer and bhajans.

Moreover, this couple have explained about holy basil (Tulas) to their guests. A great philosopher saint Tukaram Maharaj said in his poetry “वृक्ष वल्ली आह्मां सोयरीं वनचरें” and conveyed importance of green environment. To evoke of this idea, this couple had planned to donate a holy basil plant to their guest so they can enjoy its religious and health benefits of this plant.

We global nagari team appreciate and proud of Dr. Sangeeta’s and Nilesh Ingulkar’s unique initiative about preserving and enjoying Indian core values in abroad.