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At GlobalNagari Foundation, we seek to help the community by leveraging our global presence using Virtual methods of empowerment and partner with local civic bodies to implement our programs like our English Improvement Program.

While we have made some great strides, GlobalNagari Foundation still has a lot to accomplish.

We need your support to increase our presence and efforts for our future Programs

Our Story

It all started when Nagaris living in different countries felt the importance of connecting with people from Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. Using a common social platform and connections during the initial days, members were able to find each other, especially those living in same cities and states. This communication initiated small meets, luncheons and get-togethers. As the members started to settle in, communication began to grow. Everyone brought along a lot of experiences and connections, which eventually transformed these small meets into helping hands. From getting to know the surroundings, culture, accommodation facilities, travel, daily hacks, business connections, to better job opportunities and many more. Everyone had one important common goal, to create awareness of thoughtful direction by imparting knowledge and a helping hand in this fast-changing environment for people of our homeland. Since all these activities were locally to each country, in 2015, we began our efforts to merge these beautiful relations under one roof now globally known as ‘GlobalNagari’.


To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal." -A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
In today’s world, use of technology as a platform is necessary for inspiring minds. Our vision is to integrate Indian core values, knowledge of civilization and modern technology to create social reformation. It is achievable by joining forces of both local civic bodies and intellectuals from around the world.

Our Activities

GlobalNagari is an initiative to weave conversations, encourage creative ideas and provide people a key to tap into vast resource of technological innovations. People are able to access guidance from eminent people around the world in businesses-entrepreneurial development, startups, jobs, financial planning, agriculture and education sector. It opens doors for each individual to access information about tourism in different countries. Youth and Students benefit from career guidance, current technologies, culture and living daily life hacks to grow as an individual in India as well as countries all over the world. Globalnagari is able to convey communities the significance of healthy living, exercise, clean energy, good irrigation techniques, importance of sanitation, clean environment, trees, man-made ponds, organic farming and natural fertilizers.

• Seminars
We have been fortunate enough to have a lot of great experts from various professional backgrounds. For the benefit of group members, audio seminars are conducted. Some topics from past are listed below -

Pursuing Higher Education in USA (MS / PhD)
Financial Planning and alternatives
Importance of 'Living Will' and Life Insurance
Use of Important Mobile Applications in day-today-life
Real Estate: Importance of Home Buying Process
Startup Business, Export/Import and Other Business
Importance of Good Parenting in Life
Home Improvement Projects
IRS Taxation for Indians in USA

• Mentorship program for students and professionals to support their career advancement

• Globalnagari - Village Empowerment Initiative (More..)

• Globalnagari - ZP School Initiative

• Globalnagari Awards
We are pleased to announce Globalnagari Awards to recognize exemplary work for the academic community during the year. All schools, students and teachers that actively participate in international information exchange program for all round development are eligible. Our motto is to MOTIVATE them. REWARD them. HONOR them.

• Regional Annual meets (Specific to countries)

• Parents meet in India

• Globalnagari - College Initiative (Coming soon..)


Our objective is to communicate and promote potential methods for a sustainable life-support model, by building and encouraging minds of people. Leveraging Globalnagari’s global presence, virtual methods of empowerment, professionalism, partnership with local civic engagement bodies, we are capable of delivering harmony to the society. We share an urge to serve and create awareness by taking small initiatives in hand to harness ‘the giving’ impulses from our very own and invest it into the people we care about back home. It takes dedication and love towards our motherland to bring such transformation in society. With this, our family has grown to about 550 members from 44 different countries and we are excited to aboard more such like-minded people to support this cause.

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