GlobalNagari Parents Meet January 2018

The GlobalNagari Group and Gram Panchayat Hiware Bazar jointly organized a Unique Event at the Yashwant Cultural Bhavan in Hiware Bazar. The Meet organized for the benefit and participation of Globalnagari parents was received with great enthusiasm and fervor. The parents of the Nagarkars, settled abroad for employment and business but are connected to the native district of Ahmednagar, attended the gathering in large numbers. The parents told their experiences in this gathering.Kishor Gore from Princeton NJ was visiting India and coordinated and organized the function with the help of Gram Panchayat Hivare Bazaar. Several GlobalNagari members were present for the function.

The parents who were present shared their experiences in this gathering. Kishore Gore who was visiting India from NJ introduced the GlobalNagari group and the groups activities to the parents. He also laid out the vision for the group and the various plans we have already laid out for the group. He introduced the 3 GlobalNagari Groups. Some members were present for the event. The Function began at around 11 am with Preregistration and Introductions. After a few speeches in the morning the group began group discussion with the sole purpose in mind to do something good and constructive for the native Ahmednagar district.

The location for the event was chosen carefully considering  the development works of Hivar Bazar in Agriculture, Education and Social Sector so that this serves as a live example and inspiration for the group to emulate. The Marathi Edition of GlobalNagari newsletter  was published by the State’s Executive President Popatrao Pawar.