Mahesh Bhagwat: GlobalNagari Welcome!!
Most of the Great Minds that have walked this earth have come from different backgrounds, different families, and different socio-economic situations. The one thing, however, that all these Great minds have in common is wisdom. GlobalNagaris had the honor of holding one such Nagari in Princeton NJ. Mr Mahesh Bhagwat on August 26 2017. An IPS officer from India, Maheshji Bhagwat, who serves as Rachakonda police commissioner, Telangana State has won recognition as a hero for his efforts in combating trafficking and has been hailed as a Hero by the US State Department.
GlobalNagari Families from Central and eastern parts of US descended on to New Jersey to meet this hero from our very own Ahmednagar. Around 50-55 Nagaris were present for the event. This event featured the Nagari Delicacies cooked from NJ neighbourhood. Amala Aher,Geeta Gaade, Kajal Bordawekar, Saili Kadu, Varsha Kharde, Padma Kale, Deeplai Chavan among others were instrumental in planning and cooking of the Food. These events always bring out the meticulous planning and organizational skills from our Nagari Women.
This GlobalNagari Gettogether, as has been the trend, featured a few more New faces that had recently joined us on the group. The event began with the usual Meet and Greet from the Nagari Families along with the informal introduction with Maheshji and his Wife. With So many Nagari families joining the Event this took the form of a small family function. These Encounters though occurring in a foreign country always serve us as a platform to converse, communicate and Ideate on how to achieve the goals we have set for us and to Re-asses what we have already achieved. All the Efforts that the Group takes have been on a Volunteer basis and no one expects anything other than the satisfaction of doing it.
This event though was about the One Hero who was amongst us. Various GlobalNagaris around the world joined us on a Global Teleconference to hear what the Great mind among us had to share. This event was also Web Telecast live from US for the benefit of the other Nagaris around the world. Initially Mr Kishor Gore Mr. Manoj Joshi Mr P.R Shinde welcomed Maheshji and his wife to US on behalf of the group. They also introduced the Group to them about the objectives and tasks already taken up during the year so far.
Then it was time for all of us to hear what Maheshji had to say. Maheshji walked us through the most important phases of his life. He was delighted to take us back home to Ahmednagar where how he began and what inspired him to be what he was today.  Speaking in fluent Marathi , Maheshji elaborated on all the challenges he had faced and how he was able to get over those. Many of the Globalnagari Students were spellbound on listening to the memoirs of Maheshji. The Audience was keen to know delicate intricacies of his Life and they posed intelligent questions to him.
The Event was a culmination of lot of efforts from Mr Kishor Gore, Raj Gade, Baba Kale , Rahul Kadu and most of the New Jersey GlobalNagaris who were the Host Families for the event.

Mahesh Muralidhar Bhagwat IPS 1995
Commissioner of Police
Rachakonda Commissionerate

Educational qualification:BE Civil Engineering , LLB
IPS selection 1995
1 President Police Medal for Gallantry
2 President Police Medal for Meritorious Service
3 Police Special Duty Medal of Manipur
4 Police Internal Security Medal for Andhrapradesh
5 Union Home Minister Commendation Disc from Home Minister Rajnath Singh in December 2016 for Greyhounds training centre
1 Community Policing award and Homeland security Special Honour in 2004 from International Association of Chief of Police, USA for community Policing project Police Mekosam of Adilabad district Police
2 2006 Webber Savvy Law enforcement award and Civil Rights award of International Association of Chief of Police, USA for anti trafficking project Aasara of Nalgonda District focussed on rescue of trafficking victim from traditional caste based prostitution  and their rehabilitation

Worked as Police chief in District and Commissionerate of Andhrapradesh, Telangana focussing on anti trafficking rescue operations , prevention of victims from joining sex trafficking network, protection of rescued victim , prosecution of traffickers within the state, country and abroad. In sex trafficking as well as forced labour trafficking done an exemplary work while leading from front.
Rescued more than 1000 women and children from 2004 to 2017 from organised trafficking network.
Closed down 50 brothels or places of commercial exploitation taking help of Executive Magistrates
Cracked on organised online sex rackets from source to destination in collaboration with other stake holders.
Recently rescued 500 child labours from Brick kilns and other hazardous Industries.

Contribution for 8 books on trafficking published by United Nation Office on Drugs and Crime & Ministry of Home Affairs, India.
One book Synergy between stake holders is resource material for anti trafficking certificate diploma course of Indira Gandhi National University Delhi.


Acting as a resource person for various anti trafficking training program for Law enforcement agencies and other stake holders in National Police Training Academy, Hyderabad and other states

Attended United Nation Anti Trafficking conference UN GIFT at Vienna, Austria 2007 and other National conferences on anti trafficking as a resource person.

Mentor for Civil services preparation. This year out of 1099 selected IAS /IPS/IFS & allied services 84 are mentored by him including 6 in top 100