Dear Donor,

I am Mr. Kishor Gore, President of GlobalNagari Foundation. At GlobalNagari Foundation, we communicate and promote potential methods for a sustainable life-support model, by building and encouraging minds of people. It is done by leveraging GlobalNagari Foundation's global presence, virtual methods of empowerment, professionalism and partnership with local civic engagement bodies. We share an urge to serve and create awareness in our society by taking small initiatives in hand to harness ‘the giving’ impulses and invest it in people we care for. It takes dedication and love towards our motherland to bring such transformation in society. We are fortunate to have found this spark in around 500 members to date from 45 different countries and we are excited to aboard more such like-minded people to support this cause

While we have made some great strides, GlobalNagari Foundation still has a lot to accomplish.

We need your support to enhance our capacity to expand our current projects and take on new future projects .

Would you consider donating to help us achieve our mission? If you wish to contribute, please fill out the attached form or reach out to us at our email :

We greatly appreciate your donation, and it will be used to create and enhance the programs that we want to implement for the betterment of the society. If you wish to contribute, please go to the Donate button on this page or reach out to us at our email

Please join us! With your donation, we’re one step closer to our Goal!


Kishor Gore

The GlobalNagari Foundation is registered under IRS code 501 (c) (3), a nonprofit organization supporting the development of a common social platform to enable civic interactions.

Donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The GlobalNagari Foundation is supported solely by public donations.


GlobalNagari Foundation is also registered on Benevity and can accept corporate donations from the Benevity Portal.